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A Principle of Pouting, digital print, 19x25cm, 2010
I tried to express my memories and emotions from childhood. This artwork is about my parents and sisters teasing me when I was young. They used to tease me by telling me I was ugly.

One day in 1987, my sister and I were watching TV and there was an advertisement calling for 7 year old children for the 88 Seoul Olympic opening ceremony. My sister said, “Oh! Since you are 7, you can apply for it” and I got interested. But our mother overheard our conversation and said “She can’t do it because she is ugly.” When I heard what she said, I felt like something was coming out from inside of my body through my mouth. Mother saw me and said, “Minjeong’s lips are sticking out.”

입이 나오는 원리, digital print, 19x25cm, 2010

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