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Bridge-the Neuron-Transmitting Chemical Secreted When Hearing That I Was a Found Child, digital print, 19x25cm,2010
When I was young, my parents and sisters used to tease me that I was found under a bridge and adopted into the family. I expressed the emotion I felt at that time, through a neuron-transmitting chemical called “bridge.”

When I was young, my mother used to say she had found me abandoned under a bridge and adopted me. There really was a bridge in front of my house. At other times, she said she picked me up near the railroad and adopted me. Actually, there was a railroad beside our home as well. After I grew up, I thanked my mom for adopting and raising me up to that point. At this, she burst into hard laughter.

‘주워 왔다’는 이야기를 들었을 때 발생하는 신경전달물질'브릿지[bridge]', digital print, 19x25cm,2010

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