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A master´s thesis(2008)_Abstract..

A Study on Pseudo-Scientific Expressions of Metaphysical Awareness Human beings have acknowledged mental world for a long time, that is, ‘metaphysical awareness’, and endeavored to make it attainable. The purposes of this study are to examine how invisible and abstract figures that people can feel in their daily routine are expressed as art particularly in drawings and how I illustrated them in my drawings. With a historical consideration of metaphysical expressions in drawings, the research aims at finding that its subjects have been an incantation, religion, eternity, rank, divinity, subjective emotion, and abstract from the primitive age to the present, and proving the metaphysical expressions of mine by pseudo-scientific method on the basis of the previous metaphysics. However, the desire to scientifically express metaphysical awareness eventually becomes mock science at the scientific point of view. This is rather the drawing combined with individual and scientific theories. It looks very dry and scientific but its inner world exceptionally contains author’s own emotional and footloose imagination. Mental world that cannot be scientifically demonstrated is ultimately proved as pseudo-scientific way combined with irrational opinions, and its pseudo-scientific evidence makes another drawings. The collision derived from science and art forms a different dimensional metaphysical abstract drawing.

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