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50watts_01/2012 /The Diagram Queen

Works by Korean artist Minjeong An (born 1981)

Update / Anatomy of a post: Researching another Korean artist, I stumbled upon a thumbnail of Minjeong An's work in a Korean gallery's archived 2008-ish exhibit. After a good hour of googling and google-translating Hangul (phew), I finally hit on the artist's site. (Using Google Translate for proper names is less than ideal as their transliteration varies widely.) Anyway, I posted these early morning January 10 and after a few hours Minjeong's site crashed ("bandwidth exceeded" message). I feel bad about this as it's been down for a couple days, and this work has been reblogged by Prosthetic Knowledge, This Colossal, and Laughing Squid. Hopefully her site will be back soon. I added links to some full-size images in the captions, at least until Minjeong's site is back up. The images make more sense seen at full size......

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