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The Power of a Kiss, digital print, 73.2x68.4cm, 2008

Based upon my personal memories where I would never go to school without my mom giving me a kiss good bye, in this piece, I tried to analyze what power a kiss can hold. It clearly shows that what moves the human mind is neither by the order of the brain or muscle movements nor is it by the energy generated from food.

When I was a primary school student in 1989, I was hard to go to school alone. However, my mom kissed me whenever sending me to school, by then, I was encouraged to go to school. Even when she sometimes forgot to kiss me, I got kissed by all means, and then I was highly excited to go to school like a rabbit. When I was tired to walk on the way to school, I recharged the power of mom’s kiss saved on my face. I arrived at school after the power of her kiss was exhausted, and I spent many days in this way. By the time I am used to going to school alone, neither mom’s kiss is able to encourage me any longer, nor she kisses me anymore.

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